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Medical Students Scholarship Application Form

    Full Name*




    Address 2:




    Zip/Pin code

    1. Biodata / Resume

    2. An article about your future dream(500-1000 words)



    3. Academic Certificates

    4. Extra-Curricular activity Certificates (If Any)

    5. Part time Job Experience (If Any)

    6. Volunteering Experience (If Any)

    PHOTOS :

    7. Individual Picture

    8. Family Picture

    9. Intermediate College Picture

    10. Medical College planning to..(If Confirmed)

    11. Picture of Nominee 1

    12. Picture of Nominee 2

    13. Your picture along with Intermediate College Principal



    Instructions to complete the application form:

    1. For Bio-data/Resume – Upload a word file or pdf file with complete Bio-data and your contact information.
    2. Upload an essay about your future plans with a minimum of 500 words but not more than 1000 words. You can write that article anywhere but copy and paste it in the given field where it counts the number of words for you.
    3. You can upload all your school and college certificate copies in the pdf or jpeg format. (10th and above classes certificates)
    4. Upload if you have any extracurricular activity certificates like Sports, NCC, Awards etc.
    5. If you have ever worked a part time/full time job, then upload the letters from the employer with the time period worked and recommendation letters if any.
    6. Have you ever done any volunteer work, if so upload any certificates or recommendation letters from the people or institution in charge.
    7. One full size pictures of just you.
    8. Your Picture with your family (Parents, Brothers & Sisters – or Guardian)
    9. A picture of the college you are studying at or have completed recently
      Name of the college.
    10. Picture of the Medical college you will be attending
      Name of the Medical college you might/will be attending ( If not sure then give a list of 3 colleges on your priority list)
    11. Picture of the Nominee 1
      Nominee 1 has to be from your immediate family and he/she has to write why they are nominating you for the scholarship or a small video byte less than 3 min (Has to be 18+ years, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, cousins, uncles or Aunts) with their name, contact information, and relationship to you.
    12. Picture of the Nominee 2
      Nominee 2 has to be a Teacher who taught you during your school or college. Upload a recommendation letter from him/her explaining why you should be awarded the scholarship along with his contact information.
    13. Upload your picture along with your principal of the current college or recently completed college along with the Principal’s name and contact information.
    14. Select one from the dropdown item list to let us know that how you found us and if it is not in the given list then please select “other” from the list and write how you found us.