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Application for the Covid Emergency Relief Fund

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    2. Covid +ve Report*

    3. CT Scan (if available)

    4. Medical Reports (if already in hospital)

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    6. Patient's copy of Aadhar Card*


    Instructions to complete the application form:

    1. If approved, what are all the items the funds will be used (Hospital, Doctor fees, Oxygen tanks, Medication …. ), and give the list of the patient’s Family Members’ names and their ages who are dependent.

    2. Attached the Covid Report.

    3. If there is already a CT Scan of the lungs taken, then submit a copy.

    4. If a patient is already in the hospital then submit the reports whatever is available with you.

    5. Patient Picture in the hospital (if already joined) or at home and A passport Photo. We’ll be using these picture(s) on the website to raise additional funds.

    Donate generously to COVID-19 charities and COVID-19 Relief Fund as there is an urgent need for funds to ensure the patients get proper care and the virus spread is curbed. Over the last month we have witnessed COVID-19 patients grappling with the scarcity for oxygen, essential medicines and even hospital beds. All the amount donated to the COVID-19 support Fund set up by DocWorld will be directly transferred to the COVID-19 patients who are in dire need for funds to continue treatment.

    There are many cases coming where entire families are afflicted by the virus and quarantined at home, especially among daily wage workers. Also, there are areas of the country, like villages and small towns where hospitals are not fully equipped to provide critical care for patients who need it. New reports have often presented reports of patients getting critical or losing life while travelling to a bigger district to get required treatment. With our country-wide network, we are ensuring that COVID Relief Fund is reaching these remote pockets and enabling patients and their families to make timely arrangements for ambulance and other critical care aid like oxygen tanks and medications.

    We have started this COVID-19 non-profit service to combat one of history’s deadliest pandemics that is ticking off thousands of lives every day. The COVID-19 disease if managed properly can be treated and the patients can get out of the illness with minimum complications. Not everyone has been fortunate enough to stay comfortably at home in quarantine without worrying about their family’s needs. For such families we help them with monetary aid so that they can buy necessities to manage the viral illness during home quarantine such as thermometers and pulse oximeter. We receive calls for help for funds to get basic medication and healthy diet foods which are beyond their means.We support them with finding basic medication, set-up hospital camps with oxygen tanks and emergency care and aid to help them stay at home for the duration of quarantine.

    COVID 19 relief services provided by us requires urgent funding as we receive calls every day for help from hospitals, doctors, NGOs and families of COVID-19 patients for aid and expertise. We require funds to procure oxygen concentrators, health supplements and medications for thousands of patients. If we can get timely help to the patients, it will help them to stay in quarantine and curb their movement while they recover and thus stop the spread of the virus. The government is doing its best to ensure that timely care and aid reaches everyone in need, yet the sheer volume of cases require additional help from citizens and institutions during these times. With overburdened hospitals, it is difficult for many people to even get a basic consultation. As part of the COVID 19 Emergency relief services provided by us, we are trying to serve as many such patients as we can.

    As a society, if we all put in concentrated efforts then we can manage this disease and try to control it till everyone in the country gets vaccinated.