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COVID 19 Donation India and the role Doctors Played in these challenging times

COVID 19 Donation India and the role Doctors Played in these challenging times

During this pandemic, doctors dressed in PPE suits on the frontline became the symbol of medical intervention. They have played a significant role, even continuing a lost battle to ensure that the infected patient get a fighting chance till they draw their last breath. As human beings, the entire ordeal may have taken a toll on them, watching people suffer, unable to assure them with human touch. They have come forth and made appeals for COVID 19 Donation India to help them continue treating patients who could not afford treatment any longer.

Doctors who usually held medical campaigns on weekends or on occasions to give free treatment to the poor were seen setting up medical camps near remote villages that were badly affected during the second wave. They ensured patients received oxygen support, nutritious meals, and a bed where there wasn’t infrastructure for medical aid. This pandemic was an ordeal that showed the world why need more doctor with empathy. Hence, donate for medical students to ensure that everyone receives medical aid on time and in safe measures.

Roles doctors played

Doctors were not just treating patients as medical practitioners, but as public health specialists they were aiding governments to draft policy measures to manage the masses. They created protocols for hospitals to follow and ensured active resource allocation for fair treatments. As microbiologists and virologists, they are continuing their study of the COVID-19 virus and its various mutations to understand the nature of the virus and cures. As clinical psychiatrists they have tried to create awareness of depression and effects on the mind from the stress of prolonged lockdown, loss of loved ones to the pandemic and in overcoming the fear of the pandemic. In different roles they have donned different mantles to reassure the masses and even gone beyond their professional Duties to generate COVID 19 Donation India to pay for medical treatment of those who cannot afford treatment or to purchase equipment such as oxygen tanks and oxygen concentrators for hospitals that are running low.

Why must we donate for medical students?

Medical students today are the doctors of tomorrow. They are the ones who will be wearing the different mantles to ensure that people who can or cannot afford it or require special attention get timely medical aid that is everyone’s basic right. This pandemic has affected medical students greatly as many had to face a forced gap year due to the lockdown. Many students were forced to do their internship in the pandemic ward irrespective of what field they wanted to pursue after graduating. Universally, all these students have faced a major financial setback as medical education is expensive and needs a lot of preplanning and allocation of resources even for students from middle class families.

Donate for medical students online, in cash, in the form of medical books and equipment, subscriptions for medical journals, covering their hostel living expenses and much more. We must all join hands to ensure that the world comes out better and safer from this COVID-19 outbreak.

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